Sunday, April 15, 2012

Writing Style

My writing style is very unique to me.  English has never been my strong point!  I write like I speak, always and ever straight from my heart!  I can write or speak with ease about those things that I know about and understand, but technical writing has never been a favorite of mine! 

It all started back in 7th grade when I received a “pink slip” in English!  I KNEW I was in HUGE trouble with my parents and especially my father!  He actually went to school to talk to her.  I was at home anticipating the licking I was about to receive!  When he came home, he looked me directly in the eyes and said “DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT”!  To this day I have no idea what transpired at school but I am sure something happened!  All I know is that from that day forward I avoided English in school at every opportunity!  I have also wrote papers and poetry, but when it came to tearing things done proper I scurried away!  When I got to college I HAD to take several courses in order to graduate, which I of course put off until the last possible moment! However, one of those instructors changed me on being scared of writing!  She was an ornery old cuss who loved to argue and stir the pot, but for some reason she took a liking to me!  She said, “All you have to be is WHO YOU ARE!  WRITE FROM YOUR HEART and you will never be wrong!  You have a beautiful gift of seeing truth where truth is hard to see, USE IT, SPEAK IT, WRITE IT and you will never be wrong.  We can correct errors in usage but the gift is in the writing!” (Taken off an old college paper dated 3/1985)

So if you are looking for PROPER GRAMMATICAL CORRECTNESS…. go somewhere else!   I am who I am!  I will speak and write that which is in and on my heart!  Misspelled words, all sorts of grammatical errs, and who knows what else…but I will always try to give you my best and my heart!

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