Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mad lib

deranged  Diabetes's deranged  Diabetes

      apologetically  i have never speak, charmingly   beyond
  any Life, your Life have their  demonic :
  in your most erratic Diabetes are things which damage me,
  or which i cannot command because they are too forbiddingly

    your couragous look hideously   will unwarn me
  though i have remind myself as Life,
  you report always Diabetes by Diabetes myself as Life argue
  (battleing remorsefully , steadfastly) her fretful  Diabetes

    or if your Life be to fight me, i and
  my Diabetes will teach very unmercifully , wrathfully   ,
  as when the Meter of this Life learn
  the test strips retrospectively  everywhere trusting;

    nothing which we are to understand in this lancets scatter
  the Diabetes of your overrated Meter: whose Diabetes
  imagine me with the test strips of its Diabetes,
  helping Dogs and Dogs with each supposeing

    (i do not question what it is about you that vanish
  and attempt; only something in me continue
  the Diabetes of your Life is whimsical    than all Life)
  Life, not even the Diabetes, has such selective life

  - KC & e.e. cummings      

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For the record this was stupid but I did it anyway! UGHHH

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