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Jensen Canine Pregnancy Calander

Pregnancy Calendar for Dogs

Date: Sat 26 Feb 2011

Sire: Cheveyo

Dam: Whitey

Breeder: KC Owens

Thu 30 Dec 2010 • First day of mating.

• 48 hours after the first mating the bitch should be mated again. Subsequent matings occurring over a period of time enhance the chances of fertilaziton taking place.

• The spermatozoa migrate up through the cervix.

Fri 31 Dec 2010 • Sperm travel searching for a mature ripened eggs.

Fri 31 Dec 2010 -

Sat 1 Jan 2011 • Spermatozoa reach the eggs in the oviducts.

Sat 1 Jan 2011 -

Sun 2 Jan 2011 • Fertilisation occurs in the oviducts which lead from the ovaries to the uterus.

Sun 2 Jan 2011 -

Tue 4 Jan 2011 • Fertilised eggs migrate down the oviducts and into the uterine horns.

• The migration continue to enable even spacing of the embryos.

• During this migration the eggs will grow into a blastocystes.

Mon 10 Jan 2011 -

Wed 12 Jan 2011 • The blastocystes implant in the wall of the uterus.

Mon 10 Jan 2011 -

Mon 24 Jan 2011 • The blastocystes will grow into an embryos.

• During the next two weeks the important organs will develop.

Thu 13 Jan 2011 -

Thu 20 Jan 2011 • Dams nipples begin to pink enlarge.

• The fur on the dams belly and around the nipples may become thinner.

Wed 19 Jan 2011 -

Wed 26 Jan 2011 • Morning sickness might occur due to hormonal changes or stretching and distension of the uterus. Dam may appear a bit apathetic. She may be off her feed for a while and vomit from time to time.

• Feeding the dam several meals spaced throughout the day might help.

• Your veterinarian may want to prescribe a drug to relax the uterus.

Mon 24 Jan 2011 -

Fri 28 Jan 2011 • An experienced person (a breeder or a veterinarian) can tell by careful palpation whether the dam is pregnant.

• It's now the best time to do this because the embryos are walnut-sized now and easy to count.

Thu 27 Jan 2011 • Start to increase the dams food ration.

• Don't overfeed, excessive weight gain should be avoided.

• The foetuses are now and are fully developed miniature dogs.

Wed 2 Feb 2011 • The Dams abdomen starts to get larger.

Sat 12 Feb 2011 • It's very easy now to feel the puppies, counting them might be a bit more difficult.

Tue 15 Feb 2011 -

Wed 23 Feb 2011 • Dam begins to spend a lot more time in self-grooming.

• Her breasts become even more swollen.

• She may become a bit restlessness and begin to search for a suitable place to have her puppies.

Thu 17 Feb 2011 • The dam might lose her appetite during this period. Her abdomen can be crowded with puppies.

• It is better to feed several smaller meals spaced throughout the day.

• You can easily detect abdominal movement now.

Thu 17 Feb 2011 -

Fri 4 Mar 2011 • Nipples and vulva should be gently cleaned with warm water, you might want to trim the hairs surrounding the nipples, to allow easier access for the puppies to suck.

Sun 27 Feb 2011 -

Wed 2 Mar 2011 • Milky fluid may be expressed from the nipples.

Mon 28 Feb 2011 • You might want to start taking the dams rectal temperature each morning and evening.

Thu 3 Mar 2011 • Twelve to 24 hours before she is due to deliver, the dams rectal temperature may drop from 101 to 98 degrees.

• Clear discharge from the vulva might occur.

Fri 4 Mar 2011 • Expected date of whelp. Of course this is just an average. Whelping may take place from the 59th to the 65th day. Puppies born before the 58th day will probably be too young to survive.

This javascript was originally designed by Suzan van Prooijen at the Cattery El Sham's Pregnancy Calendar version 1.8

rewritten for a canine by Debra L Jensen Copyright © 1996&1997 Suzan van Prooijen, Cattery El Sham - The Netherlands

Feb 20, 2011

I started Whitey on diabetic scent training. My thoughts are that if human babies can recognize scent at birth…why can’t a dog? I also am making sure that the mom is exposed to lots of loud noises…vacuum, dish washer, washing machine, dryer, gun fire, whistles, to name a few. Whiteys bladder is about the size of a walnut right now.

Feb 25, 2011

I took Whitey in to the vet to have an xray. The xrays did not turn out well but we THINK we counted 9 puppies and I am guessing there are A LOT more. My guess is 9 to 13! She is 37 inches around at the widest place! My guess is we are at least 5 days away from puppies!

March 2, 2011

Still no puppies! Her temperature dropped this afternoon but nothing at the time of this writing. She is restless and rearranging her whelping box. There is no piece of paper bigger than an inch!

March 3, 2011

I have been checking on her about every 2 hours. Her temperature has remained 99.4, 99.6 area. About 4:30 her temperature dropped to 98.7 then rose back up. I am thinking we are getting REALLY close! You know “watched dogs NEVER whelp”. I couldn’t get lucky enough to have a dog whelp during the day!

March 4, 2011

Today is the day we have ALL been waiting for! She started giving birth around 1:30 am.

Here is the list of puppies, birth time, and weight.

Puppy Number 1 1:31 AM 15.9oz Male

Puppy Number 2 2:55 AM 18.1oz Female

Puppy Number 3 3:17 AM 17.3oz Male

Puppy Number 4 3:51 AM 15.7oz Female

Puppy Number 5 4:09 AM 15oz Female

Puppy Number 6 5:10 AM 16oz Male

Puppy Number 7 8:45 AM 19.7oz Male

Two more of the puppies did not make it. Their birth times was 6:25am and 9:45am. The first one just looked like it was not full term…it was missing hair and in general was not fully formed. The last one I am guessing that puppy number 7 was kind of caught and she was just trapped for too long. I did EVERYTHING I know how to do to revive her…including mouth to mouth CPR. It broke my heart as she was a very sweet little angel , but sometimes it happens. Puppy number 7 was joking dubbed “Corky”! He is the biggest puppy I have ever had born! This is a very nice healthy litter!

Whelping puppies is HARD WORK….for everyone involved. When you lose a pup there is EXTREME sadness and when a pup takes that first gasp of air there is EXTREME joy and relief! Poor Kim every time a pup was born would screw up her face and put her fingers in her ears so she didn’t have to listen to all the mucous sounds. She would then remove her fingers look at me and say “Is it ok?”. When I replied “yes” she would smile wildly! When I said no she would crawl in the whelping pen and gently stroke Whitey and cry with her. Kim’s tears and gentleness serve to remind me of the cycle of life. We both took the last one EXTREMELY hard! With the 2 losses I showed them to Whitey, let her lick on them and when she disengaged from them I would substitute a living puppy and quickly remove the dead one. Then I would go outside and do my crying!

The puppies were introduced to scent today. I took a scent tube and gave each one a good snoot full and placed them on momma’s nipple.

I am off to bed! I am exhausted!

March 4, 2011

Puppy Number 1 15.9oz Male

Puppy Number 2 19.1oz Female

Puppy Number 3 19.7oz Male

Puppy Number 4 16.8oz Female

Puppy Number 5 16.6oz Female

Puppy Number 6 18.2oz Male

Puppy Number 7 20.9oz Male

Everyone is doing well! Again puppies did scent work. They all got their little heads in the scent bottle and placed on mother’s nipple. Puppies 2 and 4 tried to suck on the scent! Off to bed again…been a long day!

Kim has been INVALUABLE during this process! She has been there through it all. Thick and then…wading into all the chores that must be done. I don’t know how I can ever thank her enough! Good friend……….what more can I say! I hope that each of these pups have that same opportunity!

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