Friday, March 18, 2011

Rest In Peace Corky ....13 wonderful days!

March 17, 2011

Today is one of the hardest days that a breeder can have. My heart is breaking. When I got up this morning Corky was worse…I dropped everything and took him to the vet. His lil belly was so distended. He moaned the whole way there. We pulled 12 Mil of fluid from his abdomen and they were still not sure what was wrong. Ran several tests and looked at various things that could be wrong. We wormed him and started antibiotics. We decided to wait and see as we really didn’t know what was wrong. I brought him home and hand fed him about 1 oz of milk. I placed him with his litter mates then went to work. Came back in about 2 hours and tried to feed him again. He wouldn’t eat and was very lethargic. I left him again with his litter mates and returned in about an hour. He had not moved at all and he just laid and made sounds that normal puppies do not make. I called the vet and told them my observations and thoughts. I really don’t want to see him suffer. I would bring him in and if they agreed with what I was seeing then we would put him down. By the time I got there he was having trouble breathing…so we made the decision. Because I HAVE TO KNOW WHYYYYYYYY…..I ask that they examine him to find the cause. CAUSE: One kidney was malformed and was leaking blood and urine into his abdominal cavity. He was born that way.

I HATE days like this one….I have been sick with worry all day. Did I do something wrong? Did Whitey step on him when I wasn’t looking? I have prayed and cried. I can handle losing them at birth…not easy but somehow not really knowing them at birth it makes it easier. Spend 2 weeks monitoring nearly every moment you see their personality. They become a part of you. You have hopes and dreams for them! You start molding them to reach their full potential. You become very paranoid….every sneeze, every cough, every lost ounce. …you panick!

My heart lost a small piece today…………..REST IN PEACE CORKY! Guess God needed a new hunting dog and decided that you were it!

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