Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Puppy Update

March 15, 2011

Puppy Number 1 35.4 oz Male

Puppy Number 2 46.3 oz Female

Puppy Number 3 39.4 oz Male

Puppy Number 4 41.5 oz Female

Puppy Number 5 49.7 oz Female

Puppy Number 6 47.6 oz Male

Puppy Number 7 47.0 oz Male
Had something very interesting happen today…when I took Bravo and the puppy to the vet something REALLY cool happened! I woke yesterday at 96...normally my dawn phenomenon kicks in... but yesterday it just gradually dropped all am. Not a steep drop just inching down. When I got to the staff meeting I was 90...went to work was 87 got home at 10:45 grabbed b and pup and headed to vet B had been alerting but the puppy was wrapped in a blanket and shoved inside of my coat. Puppy kept crawling up and sucking on my neck, sucking on my ear...I would pull it down and it would repeat the crawl up and suck. Oh the pup is just hungry.......I get to vet take pup in vet loves and looks at him and I hand one of the techs the pup and go get B. We do the stuff on B....and I go back to the tech. Pup is lying on her lap upside down totally asleep. I get the drugs for B and then grab pup and head home. I check again my BG was I treat. Pup again starts the crawl up my neck suck on ear thing. About 10 minutes pass...I am driving home and pup all the sudden settles down and goes to sleep.
The pups were 11 DAYS old!! I was thinking about this. I am thinking that is as PURE of an alert as you can get from an animal that age. 11 days! Last night the 4 pups that didn’t have much weight gain from the night before were SPOT ON with the scent...waking up from sleep to follow it. The 3 tubbies that had packed weight on yesterday were not as interested but they were in a deep sated sleep.

I talked to several people who have worked with the alert dogs….all agree that the pup was alerting in the only way it knows how…suck on something.

This sends shivers up my spine….what can be taught to animals!

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  1. Oh my, that gave me goosebumps.
    Dare I guess, he's a keeper? :-)