Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Choice

Okay I missed yesterday, but I have a really good excuse!  Actually 3 of them!

My first excuse is that I had a job review with my boss for my real job.  The one that pays the bills!  I got a good review but since he is aware of all my writing and blogging for the dogs, he wants me to start doing something similar to this for work!   MORE WRITING!

My 2nd excuse is a fun one! It is this:

I was blessed to go up to Duschene Ut where I spoke to a kindergarten class about service dogs and in particular about a VERY CUTE lil boy who is getting a new diabetic alert dog puppy named Ambush!  When we arrived this lil guy’s blood glucose was 45 and Ambush went right to work!  Then the kids got to see Bravo alert on me!  After I treated my low blood glucose Bravo and I did a demonstration of various assorted service dog kinds of stuff!  I am pretty sure there are a bunch of parents in Duschene trying to figure out why their kids are trying to get the housedog to pick up keys and pencils! 

My excuse number 3 is this:

Black collared pup has a new name: Asher!  He looks right at home in his new mom’s arms!  He also alerted rather quickly into their introduction!  

Not a bad day all in all, except I didn’t get any writing done!  However, I think you all will excuse me!

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