Saturday, April 14, 2012

What is an IDEAL DAY?

Just imagine for a moment that today was an ideal day!  What would it look like?   How would it feel? What would it be?

For myself, and others facing health issues there is NO SUCH THING AS AN IDEAL DAY!   It can be fun to dream about what it might be like but sometimes we get stuck in the “IF ONLY’S”.  “If only I didn’t have this disease, If only I wasn’t high. If only I wasn’t low, if …IF….IF!!!   We can “IF ONLY” ourselves right into a major depression or anger period!

For me I CHOOSE to believe that EVERDAY is my ideal day!  Each day starts full of promise and hope!  Each day brings new joys and surprises!  I have found that simply by changing my perspective it changes the outcome!  It doesn’t matter that I have diabetes and it doesn’t matter that I am up to my ears in puppy poop!  It is what it is and behind every bad thing there really and truly is a good thing! The thing is it is never going to stay the same!  We have bad so we know what good is.  We have sad so we know when we are happy!  There are always and ever opposite sides to a coin.  It is how was choose to direct our focus that sets the true stage!

So I challenge each of you…look at what and where you are spending your time and energy focusing!  The answer just might surprise you when you find you really are having an ideal day!

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