Sunday, April 1, 2012

Health Time Capsule

First in will be a bottle of INSULIN!  After all this is the nectar of the gods that rule my life!  It is the thing that I MUST HAVE every day of my life from here until the day I die!  Along with that will be all the necessary things that go with the insulin.  Needles, pump supplies, insulin pump, ketone strips, carb counting books, daily blood glucose log book, and we can not forget the blood glucose monitor!  I will have to make sure the lancet device has a clean needle…. wonder if One Touch test strips will still work in a 100 years.   Ohhhhh…. and I cant forget batteries!  After all when you have a chronic disease like T1 diabetes…every gadget known to help us requires 2 AA or AAA batteries.  Also cant forget all the assorted cables to those gadgets…heaven knows that companies can not agree on which cable connector to use so they each make their own and you must have all 87 of them to track your progress! Lastly in the diabetic container will be a bottle of glucose tabs…those nasty things that I absolutely despise because I don’t and never have liked candy!  I cannot eat them with out my face screwing up like I ate a sour apple!

I should also include a picture and write up of my 2 favorite diabetic alert dogs, Bravo and Radar.  Bravos picture will of course be a very serious one of him alerting while Radars will probably be one of him lifting his leg on a sign that says Diabetes!

Since I have the diabetes thing covered I should now turn my focus into all the other diabetes related things that I have to pay attention to even if I do have good control!  Things like heart disease, high cholesterol, eye exams, foot checks, infections, and dental
hygiene…because as we all know diabetes causes EVERYTHING !  If something is wrong with you the doctors are going to blame the diabetes!

Also included will be a copy of my insurance policy and all of the claims paid out over the last year.  I just hope who ever opens it has a legal degree! 

Speaking of opening the capsule I wonder what their reaction will be to all of this stuff!  I will not even venture to guess their thoughts on these archaic things.  All I know is that I hope and pray that by 2112 that diabetes has been removed from the list of diseases! That the cure was found and it no longer affects anyone’s quality of life!  I just pray it wasn’t a April Fools day joke!

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