Wednesday, May 16, 2012

One Thing to Work On

Okay the NUMBER ONE THING that as a diabetic that I need to work on.  Well there are many things but the number one thing is that I really need to learn that it is OKAY to not always push through every bad diabetic day!  I really have a hard time admitting that sometimes.  Honestly there are days that I want to go back to bed, snuggle with the dogs, and just hide under the covers and wish diabetes would go away!

The old sayings "no blood-no foul", "pull yourself up by the bootstraps", and "clean up after yourself..your momma dont work here" I truley believe apply to me.  There are times I just cant give myself permission to be diabetic even at the expense of my own body! 

Why is it so hard to give yorself permission in the middle of a really bad low to lay down for a minute and rest?  Why is it so hard to allow that bone tiredness from a high  to sink in and acknowledge it? I really dont get it! I know in my head if I would slow down and rest it would make things better but I just can't.

My New Years resolution for the last 10 years has been to slow down and take care of me................I do okay for the first week and it is down hill from there!  As I write this it is 12 am...I should be in bed taking care of myself.  Instead here I am writing about it!

Well maybe I will just go to bed now and try to take care of me..........even if it is for 5 hours!  Night all!

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