Wednesday, May 16, 2012

One Great Thing

Living with diabetes can really stink at times, but it does have good things about it too!  I look back and what I most see is all of the wonderful folks that I have met.  The ones that have touched my life the most are the ones that find the humor in the middle of difficult situation and move on!  They make lemonade out of lemons!

Todays topic is suppose to be about the one thing that I as a diabetic do right!  I thought long and hard about this.  I truley believe the one thing that I do right as a diabetic is that I "think outside the box".  Sometimes my d-team probably believes that I do that to much so but you know what? I AND I ALONE am the one that has to live with my diabetes day in a day out!  I am RESPONSIBLE for my own care and my own choices.  Sometimes I do it right and sometimes I don't but always I am thinking about the choices that I make and how they affect my diabetes.

A good friend taught me take it ONE LOW  at a time.  Deal with what is right now. Face it head on and direct.  Same with high BGS. One at a time.  Each set of numbers is just that a set of numbers. I fix that set of numbers and wait  for the next ones.  When I start looking at all of the numbers there are some days it gets depressing but by looking at one set of numbers at a time I can focus! 

How is that outside of the box?  Human nature is to want to see the whole picture!  If you break it down it is easier to work towords a better outcome! 

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