Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dance With Your Dog!

Dance With Your Dog

It is the dance of all the ages
Where you become as one…
Where no one dares to intrude
Yet it is something that every one wishes to see!

You and the dog are all alone on the stage
Everyone vanishes around you.
Sound disappears, light becomes bright, and all your senses seem to fade into the background, and
You react instinctively to your partner.

Your eyes and heart are locked
As if sharing a secret that bonds forever
It is hope, it is love, it is truth in action.

You know your partners every move,
Your breath and theirs is in perfect time.
The steps of the dance while important
Fade when set to the music of the stage.

Step by step, Exercise by exercise
The dance becomes complete when the final words are uttered: “Exercise Complete!”

Win, lose, or draw
Ribbon or no ribbon
Medal or no medal
Dance with your dog!

Because it is the dance that is forever …
Etched into your heart!

                     KC Owens
September 16,2011

This was wrote after an obedience competition....but it speaks to our life with dogs!  I challenge every one of you to DANCE and CREATE DANCES with your dogs!


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