Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2011 AKC ACE Award

Again Bravo was nominated for the AKC ACE Award in 2011.  This is what was submitted this year:

Bravo is one of the most amazing dogs I have ever known.  He and his owner are very active in many AKC venues including field trials, hunt tests, agility, rally, and obedience but what he is most remarkable at is alerting his owner to dangerously low and high blood glucose levels.  KC, Bravo's owner, is a type 1 diabetic and Bravo has allowed her to remain active in the

things that she loves doing, which is performing the multitude of services involved with a Diabetic Alert Dog (breeding, raising, training and placing with families).

While that by it self is incredible, Bravo also helps others prepare for their own Diabetic Alert Dog.  He helps teach the diabetic and their family how to properly handle dogs.  He also alerts them if THEIR blood glucose is too high or too low.  He has alerted many with diabetes in elevators, in airplanes, at sporting venues, at doctor offices, and at a variety of other places.

At a recent Diabetic Alert Dog Conference in Mississippi, Bravo was working with a teenage diabetic, while his owner was instructing a class.  This young man is anxiously awaiting his own diabetic alert dog but is currently on a waiting list.  Suddenly Bravo began alerting him that his blood glucose was getting low.  The young man quickly checked his blood sugar with his meter, which confirmed the beginning stages of a low blood sugar. A dangerous low was prevented and avoided for this young man! This is huge in the life of a diabetic. The parents of the teenager approached KC and with tears in their eyes they stated "that is the most incredible thing we have ever seen!  We know that when we get our own dog that will be common, but this moment with Bravo will always be special for our son and for us, as he gave us our first real time alert to a low blood sugar."

Bravo and KC also help train many other dogs to perform this amazing and much needed service.  Bravo helps other dogs learn to perform this service through playful competition and a goal of being first to inform the diabetic of a low sugar.  Bravo, also is an example in KC's home to the many dogs in training.  Bravo misses very few low or high blood sugars on his owner and is a perfect example for other dogs to learn from.

The above stories of Bravo are just a few of hundreds of stories that could be told about Bravo and his interactions as a personal service dog to KC, a service dog to those he meets in the public and a training dog to dogs being trained to become diabetic alert dogs.

I am sure that you hear countless recommendations about many wonderful dogs for this award, but Bravo truly is a special dog and very worthy of this award!  Bravo has changed many lives in numerous ways through gifts he has and graciously shares with others.

He didnt win but he is still and evermore MY HERO!

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