Monday, November 1, 2010

I’m watching you!


Bravo Eye

This is what he does best.  I hear all the time “that dog doesn’t take his eyes off of you!”

One way to avoid issues is to be on the alert…to watch!   When we watch and listen we often get some “early warning signs”.If the weather is bad there can be severe weather warnings, the state often puts up signs to warn us that “this is an area that wildlife cross”. or that “there is a wreck ahead”.  What do we do with these warnings?  Well if we are smart we heed them!  We prepare!

I stumbled on this verse the other day and it made me think of Diabetic Alert Dogs.  Ephesians 6:18 (New International Version)18And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.

I am not the “preachy” type.  It isn’t who I am.  In fact it usually burns me when people shove religion at me.  I am an independent cuss but this whole diabetes thing has me thinking.  It has application for where I currently am, my DADs included.  Bravo and Radar watch me, they alert me to danger.  Bravo consistently alerts between 90 to 100 for slow drops and at 120 to 130 for fast drops.  He alerts to highs around 250 to 300.(yes I KNOW that is to high but for me that is where it set for now)  There day I raised and dropped over 1200 points in 4 hours. My BG had a mind of its own.  It scared the crap out me! Yet through it all Bravo, Radar, and Puzzle were with me.  I kept doing what I was suppose to do but the BG was on a rampage!  A friend came over and I sent Puzzle with her just because I wasn’t in any shape to deal with3 dogs.  Puzzle didn’t really want to go.  B, Radar, and me sat in the chair and rode it all out.  I can not imagine what their noses were telling them.  Neither took their eyes off of me it was as if they were attached to me.

When I say things like this it drives some people crazy……but for me these DADS are an answer to a prayer.  They go with you in a way that no medical person can, that no friend, no family member can….I am not explaining it well but they ARE AN ANSWER TO A PRAYER.  They watch and alert when I can’t.

So Bravo, Radar, Puzzle, Epie, and ALL the other alert dogs out……………WATCH AWAY!  Thank God, that you all have been an answer to a prayer!

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