Friday, September 24, 2010




Okay so as per my last post you can tell I have been a little bit….well PISSY. I have a saying that it is better to be pissed off than pissed on. Well it seems that Puzzle also agrees with me to a point.

This morning I could not get going. I just couldn’t get awake…I could hear Puzzle howling her issue but I just couldn’t get awake enough to act. Finally I get moving and go to her kennel to find that I am to late (only the 2nd accident in her short life). The thing of it is…it appears that she tried to make it go out side of her kennel. It is a guess but it appears that she backed up to the kennel door and tried to pee through the door. How did I make this out ….well my BG meter was laying outside of her kennel in front of the kennel door and it was WET. Not just damp but WET and there was yellow water all around the case.

Hmmmmm it appears that Puzzle says “Let’s pee on all things diabetic to!” I LOVE THIS PUP! She may be to smart for her own good!

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  1. She's adorable!! I can't wait to meet her, and if you're lucky, I won't take her home with me. *wink*