Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Honoring What They Do


Paw Print Tattoo 2

After the first tattoo I realized that if I really wanted EMS to know I was diabetic I should do something on both wrist’s.  However, I wanted something different.  The above is what I came up with.  Those are Bravo and Radar’s actual paw prints, reduced down to fit.  Now not only are they engraved on my heart…they are engraved on my arm.

I am sure there are folks that are wondering if I have lost my mind.  Well many have wondered that for years!!  Maybe I am just confirming it now.  What Bravo and Radar do is so IMPORTANT to me…this seems trivial in comparison.  I have had some amazing dogs in my life but these 2 go beyond amazing…they are my life line in so many ways.

On the day that I got this tattoo I went down to Animal Control to get Bravo’s license.  There was a long line and the usual uncontrollable family pets.  There was a pit bull right in front of me that kept wanting to play with any dog around including Bravo.  Bravo ignored him and everyone else except for a gentleman that was ahead of me in line.  He had some sort of mixed breed on a leash next to him.  The line moved slowly. Bravo kept watching what I thought was the dog next to the gentleman.  He wouldn’t stay sitting, he wouldn’t stay down, and at that point in my eyes he was being a very BAD dog.  I was about ready to take him out to the truck. The line inched forward and suddenly the gentleman with the mixed breed sort of collapsed at the counter.  A fireman who was behind me in line stepped forward to assist the gentleman when I hear “diabetic”.  I look at Bravo and suddenly realize it is out of character for him to be such an unruly dog and that he was alerting on someone else.  DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sometimes I wish I was as smart and as compassionate as my dog! All I can do is get a tattoo that reminds me of how wonderful they are!


  1. I LOVE the tattoo! I should get some paw prints like that too. I wonder if I could get one of each of my 7 dogs. :)

    That is pretty darn cool that Bravo alerted on another person too.

  2. When are you going to start trusting Bravo????
    He's a good dog, there is no unruly bone in him. All he does is with a purpose, you just need to understand what he's telling you. If Bravo could talk I bet he was just saying; hey dude, you gotta problem, Dude, problem, DUDE, you gonna have a problem ......
    Bravo you're the best, KC you are one darn lucky gal to have found such a soul mate.

  3. That is funny...cause I was doing his voice while telling a friend about this was "Excuse Me, Ummmm Pardon Me, Oh Dear, SIr Your going to, Oh Why cant mom listen to me?? Oh Man Here it comes!" The whole time his eyes are wide open!

    I am pretty sure he is an awesome dog but his handler still needs work! But in my defense...can you imagine me having to announce to the whole room, "OK WHO HAS A LOW BLOOD SUGAR?????? My dog is telling me some one is low. Get them meters out and start checking! Hurry up now!" LOL

  4. Yeah, hehehe, so what's wrong with that??? LOL.

    When I was reading your post, I was envisioning Bravo stepping from one foot to another, being antsy, like a child tugging at someone's jacket ....